Since the Middle Ages, Prague has been considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Whoever sees Prague from the towers of Old Town Square, or from the castle on the hill, or from just about anywhere, will immediately understand why so many poets have dedicated their verses to this city. In 1902 the French poet Guillame Apollinaire (coined the word “surrealism”) came. He later wrote a story called “Stroller through Prague” and he dedicated many more verses to this city in his famous poem “Zone.” The Italian poet Angelo Maria Ripellino also wrote about this city’s charm in his book Magic Prague. Their words, and those of many other poets, still resonate today. It is as if the spirit of Prague native Franz Kafka never dies. In 1992 Prague’s city center went under the protection of UNESCO. Despite the preservation, the life here is modern and can be compared to that in Paris, Venice, Rome, or London. So what more should we say? Nothing! It’s enough to come and see.